The first Happytizer® Worldwide!

elexir®-Daily Happytizer is the first natural, alcohol-free drink that makes you feel good.
a slightly sparkling fruit cuvée with 0.0% alcohol, 100% pleasure, 100% vegan
pharmaceutical approved
Made in Austria 


The Happytizer®

elexir®-Daily Happytizer is the natural, alcohol-free aperitif alternative. A delicately sparkling blend of natural grape juice, apple juice, elderberry and pomegranate juice, enriched with the L-tyrosine complex of minerals and vitamins.  elexir® for a magical moment of pleasure, with a unique stimulating effect.

"elexir® makes you happy."

First natural aperitif

Naturally, fruity aromatic, with the juice of pomegranate, grape, apple, elderberries and the best Austrian spring water elexir®-Happytizer is free from added sugar or sweeteners.

The first natural, alcohol-free aperitif alternative.

Seduces to more

With the rich scent of berries, pomegranate and vanilla, elexir®-Happytizer delicately and delicately delights the palate. In the taste fresh and slightly dry is elexir both "pure", "On the rocks" or mixed served a noble indulgence.

The dark red color, like a heavy red wine, seduces to more.

The Magic Mix of the Happytizer®

elexir®-Happytizer makes you happy. Stimulating natural essences and the specially developed L-tyrosine complex with minerals and vitamins support brain metabolism, pharmaceutical approved by leading pharmacies.

As a "Magic Mix" elexir makes mood, like to enjoy every day.

Enjoyment in society

With its fine taste, elexir®-Happytizer is the elegant companion for the "Drink for 2", the tasty aperitif alternative for business lunches and after-work, and the party's non-alcoholic party atmosphere.

Sensual elexating, for the enjoyment in society.

Natural aperitif without alcohol

Recommended by top chefs. elexir®-Happytizer as "champagne of soft drinks". The slight perlage suggests even more.

The first natural aperitif without alcohol that makes you feel good.

Unique Taste

elexir®-Daily Happytizer combines distinguished indulgence with a unique taste of adventure. Pomegranate juice caters for the fruity flavour. Elderberries awards the vibrant red colour. Full-bodied grapes provide the body and the apple supports the freshness.

  • Slight perlage; a dense structure on the gums; intense with a complex aromatic and an integrated sweetness; with fruity pomegranate.
  • Slight sparkling non alcoholic cuvèe of grape-, apple and pomegranate juice.
  • Refined with stimulating, natural essences, rich in valuable minerals, and essential vitamins
  • Natural base, 60 percent fruit juice

The way to happyness is through the stomach

The L-Tyrosin complex (magic mix) is a particular combination of chosen minerals, vitamins, dietary minerals and fruits, which help brighten your mood.

  • Supports the release of the happiness hormone serotonin*
  • Revives brain activity and encourages creativity
  • Vitamin C and zinc support the immune system
  • Magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness
  • Vitamin B1, Thiamin supports a normal metabolism
  • Recommended to relax, indulge and against mood swings
  • * according to analysis

Experts Opinions


Heinz Reitbauer Senior

Doyen der österreichischen Top-Gastronomie

"Es wird Zeit, dass für die Spitzengastronomie endlich einmal die alkoholfreien Drinks oder Aperitive bewertet und selektiert werden, da der Gast immer mehr danach fragt. Die Farbe vom elexir-Daily Happytizer entspricht der eines edlen Rotweines. Im Abgang bleibt nichts am Gaumen zurück, daher ist es auch ideal als Aperitif einzusetzen. Der elexir Daily Happytizer passt vom Aussehen und vom Geschmack für alle, vom jungen bis zum älteren Gast. Um das Aroma, den Geschmack und den Duft von elexir-Daily Happytizer zu erreichen, brauchen Weine mindestens 12% Alkohol. Der elexir-Happytizer passt hervorragend auch zu Käse und Gänseleber!"


Martin Sieberer

Chef im Trofana Royal, Paznauer Stube, Ischgl

"Endlich gibt es ein tolles Produkt für das sonst so spärliche alkoholfreie Aperitifangebot. Das Interessanteste am elexir Daily Happytizer ist, dass der eigenen Kreativität im Aperitif- bzw. Cocktailbereich keine Grenzen gesetzt sind. Die Verpackung sticht ins Auge, eine noch nie dagewesene Präsentation. Der Duft ist anregend, das Beerenaroma in der Nase macht neugierig auf den ersten Schluck. Die Farbe ist kräftig, man meint einen Wein im Glas zu haben."

The Lifestyle Drink from Austria

elexir®-Daily Happytizer opens a new beverage category - the Happytizer® as the world's first, natural aperitif alternative, for a good mood even without alcohol.

"100% naturally processed in Austria", highest pleasure with stimulating effect.

"Pharmaceutically approved".



Stem glass with drinking straw made of glass and stainless steel cooling cubes.


On the rocks

Stem glass with drinking straw made of glass, mint leaves and ice cubes or crash ice.



Ice-cold bottle with glass drinking straw. Ideal for an outstanding party.


12 days Happyness

elexir®-Daily Happytizer 12 days happyness tray of the first non-alcoholic cuvee that plays with all your senses - bring colors in the grey everyday- "Casual" with glass straw. The mood of the world's first Happytizer® will surprise you.



drink for 2

elexir Happytizer drink for 2, invite your best friend for a high-quality slightly sparkling drink that sets stimulate the mood, without any alcohol.

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